Monday, September 29, 2008

Mayor Pat McCrory's Text of Video Address at The Arc of North Carolina's Annual Conference

This is the text of the video address given by Mayor Pat McCrory. This address was presented on Friday, September 26, 2008 to over 100 conference attendees.

Hi I’m Mayor Pat McCrory and I am running for Governor. I am sorry I cannot be with you, but I want to let each of you know how much I appreciate the work your doing.

Hopefully, as your next Governor we will work together to change the culture of state government. A culture which has been inefficient, inaccessible and even sadly corrupt.

Just this past year, we have had State mental health hospitals close and even some patients die.

Starting January, I will work with each of you to change this type of culture. I want to initiate programs that allow citizens with disabilities to make it easier to stay in their homes and to receive training and development skills that meet your needs and helps with you and your families financial stability.

As a Mayor I have a proven track record in helping with job skill training, legal assistance and vastly improving transportation choices for people with disabilities. I firmly believe that mobility and as much independence as possible is a goal that everyone deserves including those with disabilities.

I also will insure that we fix the state criminal justice system so that those who commit crimes including neglect are dealt with. Public safety is my #1 priority.

I also want to work with you in areas of education. People with disabilities deserve good and accessible education. You deserve choices to meet your specific needs.

We live in a great state and we deserve positive leadership that will meet and talk with you not just before the election, but after the election.

I’m Pat McCrory, The Difference is leadership!

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