Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Issue in North Carolina-The Economy

On the issue of the economy the debate centered around how do we keep the jobs we have and how do we bring in new jobs.
Both candidates agreed that education is important. Both agreed that we need an educated work force.
Bev Perdue stressed that a better economy beings with a good education. She also presented an economy platform that includes green jobs and technology. Mc Crory stated that we need to have qualified workers, that during the downturn in the economy it is clear that there are not enough qualified workers to fill manufacturing/mechanical jobs or health care employment. He pushed his policy platform on off shore drilling as a way to create new jobs for North Carolina. In addition McCrory spoke to the need to reduce the income tax and corporate tax but he did point out that this will probably not happen right away due to the stresses on the state budget.

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