Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cindy McCain Addresses Republican Delegates

Cindy McCain opened her address by reminding the audience of the difficulties people in the Gulf Coast are still dealing with after Hurricane Gustav's exit.  Mrs. McCain said, "how blessed and honored she is to be a part of our national conversation." She shared with the audience that while on the campaign trail she was deeply moved by the families she met. Families worried about loosing their homes, mothers with no choice to unsafe and under performing schools.  I have seen resilience of Americans. Neighbors helping neighbors
Changing the tone of her address she pointed to the meaning of the evening.
"Tonight is about renewing our commitment to each other. This campaign is not about us. It is about an exception country."
She continued by introducing the audience to the very personal and caring side of John McCain. Telling the Republican's gathered that Mr. McCain is a wonderful father and husband and strong leader.

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