Thursday, November 4, 2010

Election 2010: Results Wrap Up

The 2010 Election is over and now we know who will lead North Carolina during the next legislative session. After a very heated and hard fought campaign season, the North Carolina Republican party ended Tuesday night with control of both the House and Senate.

Here are the breakdown of numbers as compiled by the AARP-North Carolina.

Current General Assembly make up:
Senate – 30-20 Dem majority
House – 68-52 Dem majority

2011 General Assembly make up:
Senate – 31-19 GOP majority
House – 68-52 GOP majority

What this means for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in North Carolina?

The first thing that will happen is that all of the major committees that we work with will have new leadership. We will see significant changes to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Service. In addition we will see a political structure where the state house will be run by Republicans while the Executive Branch will be run by Democrats.

Regardless of who leads the state house, real challenges remain. The state of North Carolina will be facing at least a $3.5 billion deficit as we begin the next legislative session. We will also be looking down line to the implementation of health care reform in our state. North Carolina continues to see significant unemployment numbers. These challenges and their solutions now fall on the shoulders of the Republican party.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election 2010: Results

WRAL has called the following races for the US House. The following incumbents will be returning to the Hill:

US House District 1-G.K. Butterfield (D)
US House District 3-Walter Jones (R)
US House District 4-David Price (D)
US House District 5-Virginia Foxx (R)
US House District 6-Howard Coble (R)
US House District 9-Sue Myrick (R)
US House District 10-Patrick McHenry (R)
US House District 11-Health Shuler (D)
US House District 12-Mel Watt (D)
US House District 13-Brad Miller (D)

Track the results with WRAL.

The Constitutional amendment on no convicted felons for sheriff amendment will pass with 85% in favor to 15% opposed.

Election 2010: Results

WRAL has called the US House District 4 seat for incumbent David Price.

Election 2010: Results

Polls in North Carolina closed at 7:30pm and results are coming in slowly in some parts of the state.

Here is what we do know, Senator Richard Burr (R) will return to the U.S. Congress having defeated Democratic candidate Elaine Marshall.

In the US House of Representatives Brad Miller has been called the winner by WRAL and will return to the HIll. We are still waiting for called results in other races across the state.

Some quick numbers for you, compliments of the North Carolina State Board of Elections:
33 of 100 Counties Reporting
Percent Votes
Democratic (DEM) 50.68% 447,282
Republican (REP) 48.54% 428,379
Libertarian (LIB) 0.77% 6,838

Election 2010: Today Is Election Day!!!!

Good Morning North Carolina! Today is Election Day!! The polls have been open for over an hour now and we encourage you to Go Vote!!!

Polls in North Carolina will be open from 6:30 AM until 7:30 PM.

If you need to know where your polling place is please visit the North Carolina Board of Election website.

If you are a North Carolinian with a disability here are your rights:

As a voter with a disability I have the right to:
1) Not be denied my right due to a disability.
2) Vote if I am in line before the polls close.
3) Choose a person to help me, but this person cannot be my employer or an agent of my employer or union.
4) Be reassigned before the election to a site accessible to me.

1) Voting inside the polling site…..usually accessible, but maybe not for all
2) Curbside voting….If you can get to the voting site, but can’t get into the building because of your disability, a poll worker can come to your vehicle.
3) Absentee Ballot by mail….Any registered voter is authorized to vote by mail using an absentee ballot.
4) Absentee One-Stop (No excuse)…Allows voters to vote in person ahead of the election by up to 19 days.
5) Satellite voting sites…Some counties establish a plan that allows voters with disabilities to vote at designated sites.

1) Laws protect your right to register and vote
2) Call the County Board of Elections and State Board of Elections
3) Call Disability Rights NC
4) You may always vote a provisional or contested ballot

If you have problems voting, please report the incident by calling:

The NC State Board of Elections at 866-522-4723.

Democracy North Carolina at 888-OUR-VOTE.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Know Your Rights

After Labor Day is historically the beginning of the major political campaign push. This September is no different! There will be lots of scheduled campaign events in your local counties. We encourage you to get to know your candidates. We also encourage you to know your rights as a NC Voter.

Democracy North Carolina has an excellent resource for you to review. Go here to learn about your rights and remember to vote!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NC News: Primary Election 2010

Polls will be open until 7:30pm today. Please go vote.

NC News: Today is Primary Election Day in North Carolina.

If you have registered to vote today is the day to make your voice heard! There are multiple contested seats in the NC House and Senate as well as a Democratic Primary for the US Senate.

Here is the information you will need: 
To learn where your polling place is go to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.

To get an ideal about the overall election and contested seats check our WRAL's coverage.