Monday, August 25, 2008

A Tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy has taken the stage to pay tribute to two people who have changed her life. Barack Obama and Edward Kennedy.

Senator Ted Kennedy recently underwent brain surgery at Duke Hospital to remove a brain tumor.  Since this surgery, Senator Kennedy has taken a break from politics to heal.  He did cast the deciding vote to protect Medicare.  Which speaks to his strong devotion to the disability community and aged community of the United States.

Caroline had these words regarding her Uncle Teddy.
"In our family we call him Uncle Teddy.  If you see a nurse at community health center, if you have child getting early boost in life through headstart, if you are a person with a disability living a better life, human rights, human dignity, and disability rights. He is your Uncle Teddy too.  He took a strong stand against the war in Iraq.  He is a man who always fights for what he knows is right and always fights for others.  In our family he has never missed a graduation or a change to walk a niece down the aisle.  The best cookies and best laughs are always found at Uncle Teddy's."

Senator Kennedy has been a strong advocate for the disability rights movement.  He has led on education policy, health policy and social justice policy.  Tonight the Democratic Party honors the long service and dedication of Senator Ted Kennedy to our nation.

Caroline also brought the torch from another Kennedy to Obama with this quote.
"I have never had anyone inspire me the way my father inspired them. But I do now! Barack Obama."

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