Monday, August 25, 2008

Michelle Obama Takes the Stage

Michelle Obama was welcomed by overwhelming applause!! 

Opening comments from Michelle....
"I come here tonight as a sister, I come here as a wife who loves my husband and believes he will be an extraordinary president, i come here as a mom my girls are the first thing I think about each morning and the last thing I think about each night."

" What struck me when I first met Barack was his funny name and that even though he grew up all the way in Hawaii, his family  was so much like mine. Raised by a single mom who struggled to pay the bills just like my family. You work hard for what you want in life, your word is your bond, you treat people with dignity and respect even if you do not know them or agree with them. "

This week we celebrate the 88th Anniversary of the Women's Right to Vote and 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech...
"Current of history meets the new tide of hope."

On the message of hope...
"Each of us  has something to contribute to the life of this nation and it is something that Barack shares it is at the heart of his work."

On the importance of this election....
"This time we listened to our hopes instead of our fears."

Mrs. Obama tonight introduced the American voter to her husband, Barack Obama's platform for President.  More importantly she introduced the American voter to the human story or the American story of Barack Obama.  She created a image of the candidate as a man who lived the American dream but had to work to achieve all of his goals.  She explained that his story, being raised by a single parent is a story that many share.  Her story, growing up in the south side of Chicago to parent who had to struggle to pay for college for their kids. Also an American story that many can relate too. In her speech this evening she also set out the issues that make up Barack's presidential platform which includes access to healthcare, education, economic stability, and a plan for Iraq.  

As Michelle Obama was speaking the camera panned the audience. There was complete attention on her message as she echoes the platform of change and restoring the American Dream. 

At the end of here speech Michelle Obama was joined on stage by her two daughters.

Then thanks to technology...a quick visit from Barack Obama via video hookup was broadcasted to the rousing applause of the audience.  The girls blew kisses at their dad and told him how much they love him. Just can't script that folks.....

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