Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to The Arc of North Carolina Election 2008 Blog

Welcome all! This blog will be dedicated to all things related to Election 2008. It will give you information on how to register to vote, how to find out where to vote, Primary Updates, and tips on how to get involved in your local party races.

On the right hand side of the blog you will find information regarding important dates for the North Carolina Primary. You will also find links for the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian Party.
North Carolina's Primary is a big one this year. Both Democratic Party Candidates for President will be in North Carolina over the next few weeks. We will try our best to let you know where they will be. We will also let you know about presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain's visits to North Carolina. We encourage you to attend these events. If there is time for public questions, ask one. This is an important election for people with developmental disabilities. Ask the candidates where they stand on our issues.
Our state politics are just as exciting. We have big races for Governor, Lt. Governor and U.S. Senator, not to mention the State House and local elections. We encourage you to get involved in your local political process. We will show you how to do it.
Most important, you have to register to vote and vote!!! Encourage your neighbors to vote. Organize rides to the poll. This year North Carolina will have Same Day Registration and Voter Sites. These sites open on April 17th and close May 3.
Information on Same Day Registration and Voter Sites is located on the right hand side of this blog under Primary Schedule.
Have questions about how to get involved? Email me at jleggett@arcnc.org.
The time is now to get involved!

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